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18 January 2017 @ 05:03 pm
Fic: New Year, New Me (Teddy/James, R)  
Title: New Year, New Me
Author: Llaeyro
Pairing: Teddy/James Sirius
Raiting: R for language
Warnings: genderfluid/genderqueer Teddy, androgynous Teddy, crossdressing James, mentions of well-meaning but misguided parents, first person, lots of (purposeful) pronoun confusion
Word Count: ~3.7k
Summary: When Harry and Ginny send James to Teddy’s flat so that Teddy can talk to him about ‘dressing appropriately’, the evening doesn’t go at all how James had expected.
A/N: This is an interpretation of the incredible shiftylinguini’s absolutely stunning art piece, Hand-me-downs. Although I stuck to the background information given in the summary of the original piece, I beg you to go check out the art first and view it as the artist originally intended. This is only my humble interpretation.

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